Kyo Sensu

Created in the thousand-year-old capital of Kyoto and nurtured by its rich climate and culture, Kyo Sensu constantly incorporate new creativity and ingenuity while staying closely tied to the lives of people throughout different eras, resulting in delicate and graceful beauty not seen elsewhere. 

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Marugame Uchiwa

With its refreshing appearance, the Marugame Uchiwa cools not only your body, but also your mind.
The Marugame Uchiwa has been handed down from generation to generation in the scenic Marugame area, surrounded by the sea and mountains, and has become well known for the delicate and brilliant handiwork of craftsmen who have continued to carry on the tradition.
Each fan has its own unique flavor and reflects a stylish appearance when held in the hand, and a graceful appearance when gently fanned.
The Marugame Uchiwa made from a single piece of bamboo will continue to evolve with the changing times while preserving the good old traditions.

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Glass ware

Glass collection showcases an elegant and sophisticated presence with its refined pattern on a fresh blue background, allowing adults to fully enjoy their refined tastes.

The surface has a pleasant matte texture to the touch, while the inside is smooth.

It is an exquisite item to be cherished in our daily lives. 

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Mino ware

Mino ware has a charm that enhances the flavor of food and makes you want to use it every day.

Mino ware is made by using both the ancient Japanese art of craftsmanship and new techniques, and accounts for more than half of Japan's domestic share of the pottery market.

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Kutani ware

Kutaniyaki ware has a unique aesthetic that is still valuable hundreds of years later. Kutani ware is a masterpiece of artists' techniques.

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